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ANIMALS A TO Z Alligator_425x369


“A” Is for Allie the Alligator

“A” is for Alice the Alligator.  She lives in an awesome swamp.  Alice loves to eat fish when they are available and assorted amphibians which are abundant.  At around ten feet long, Alice is of average length for an alligator.   Mother alligators lay eggs.  When Alice was born, she was quite alert.  Right away she was able to scramble towards the water just ahead of her.  As an adult alligator, Alice is very adventurous and is not afraid of anything.


HOW! (Excerpt)01Anteater

How the Anteater Got Its Long Tongue

Once there was an amazing anteater. It lived near the Amazon River, deep in the jungle in Brazil. As you might know, the Amazon is the longest river in the world, and Brazil is quite a large country in South America.

This anteater was very large. As a matter of fact, it was called a “Giant Anteater.” It had a fairly long nose and a very bushy tail. It spent most of its time walking around the jungle, under the shade of the rainforest trees, looking for food.

With a name like “anteater” you might guess that it liked to eat ants. It did, of course, eat ants. But sometimes the anteater enjoyed eating other insects.

Although it had a long nose and a big bushy tail, it had very small ears and eyes. With these tiny eyes it really couldn’t see very well. However, it didn’t have any trouble finding food. How could this be?

This amazing anteater had an incredible ability to use its long nose to search for food. Its sense of smell was quite powerful. The anteater’s sense of smell is 40 times more powerful than the sense of smell of a human! Can you believe it!

It used its nose to sniff around for food as it walked through the jungle. When it found something that smelled tasty, then it would use its claws to dig into the ground to find out what it was that smelled so good.

The anteater had claws on its back feet, but the claws on its front feet were much longer and much better for digging into the ground. These front claws were really long. When it walked, the anteater had to walk on its front knuckles! What an amazing animal! And a little bit odd too!

One day, around lunch time, the anteater was hungry. It thought about eating some ants, but it was a little tired of eating the same thing every day. It wanted to try something different. It decided it was time to go on a search for another kind of insect!


WHAT IS IT? A YOUNGdinosaurs_425x369


What Is It? A Young Reader’s Guide to Dinosaurs

What is a dinosaur? “Dinosaur” means “terrible lizard.”  It was an animal that lived millions of years ago and is now extinct.  Extinct means that all of the dinosaurs that used to live on earth are no longer alive.  There were over 1000 different kinds of dinosaurs.  Fossils are the bones of dinosaurs that scientists find in the soil.  These fossils tell us a lot about dinosaurs.  Some dinosaurs ate plants and some ate meat, but they all had one thing in common: they were all egg layers.  Can you guess what kind of animal today is the closest relative of dinosaurs?  Birds!


THE WORLD OF MAKE-Original_425x369


Australia: Andy and the Baby Kangaroo

Once upon a time there was a little boy named Andy.  He lived in Australia.  He liked school, because he liked to learn new things, and because he could play with his friends there.  But when he got home, he was lonely, because he didn’t have any brothers and sisters.  His family lived on a farm, far away from other houses, and far away from town, so he had no one to play with at home.

One day, Andy was playing alone on the back porch of his house, when he heard a little voice.
“Can someone please help me?” asked the little voice.
Andy looked up, and then he looked around, to the right and to the left.  But he couldn’t see anybody.  So he decided to keep playing with his trucks.
“Help,” said the little voice.  “Please help me.”

Andy got up from playing and walked across the back yard.  He opened the gate of the fence and began to walk through the field behind the house.  It was a very hot and dry day, and the sun was very bright.  He walked towards a big old tree in the middle of the field.  There was a lot of shade under this tree, so it felt good to Andy to get out of the sun.

He sat down next to the tree, with his back resting on the wide tree trunk.  But suddenly, he heard the voice again.  This time it was coming from somewhere very close to him.
“Help,” said the little voice.
Andy went around to the other side of the tree trunk, and there he saw a baby kangaroo!
“What happened to you, little fellow?” asked Andy.
“I’m lost,” said the baby kangaroo.  “And thirsty, too.”
“I will try to help you,” said Andy.  “You wait right there and I will be back soon.”

Andy walked across the field, opened the gate of the fence, and went into his house.  He found some milk and some cookies…


Copyright © 2012 Edward Alan Kurtz. All Rights Reserved.


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