Fiction: Individual Short Stories


The Adventures of Thorn the Basset Hound

Agatha Broom and the Venus Fly TrapChristmas-in-the-Forest

Aidan and the Magic Map

The Alpine Express

The Amazing Invisible Tiger

The Angry Lion

Annie and the Magic Easter Bunny Powder

Archie’s Adventures – Making a New Friend

The Bear and the Tiger – A Story about Kindness


Ben the Bodyguard

Best Friends Forever – Shane the Shark and Shawn the Shark

Big and Small, Short and Tall

The Big Birthday Party

The Big Hike

The Big Race

Billy the Bunny and His Easter Eggs

Cathy the Cuckoo

Christmas in the Forest

The Cow, the Hen, and the Pig

Daniel Has a New Brother

Daniel’s Adventure in the Sea

David the Police Dog

Donna the Doll is Missing!

Dreamy Ice Cream

Eddie the Elephant

The Elegant Elephant

Froggy Frog

Funny Fairy Tales

Ginger the Giraffe

The Greedy Triceratops

Hans and the Happy Hare

How the Baboon Got a Red Bottom

How the Fox and the Wolf Became Best Friends

Lek and His Best FriendOwl05Barn

Leo and the Little Chinese Magician

The Little Wet Bunny Rabbit

The lost Snow Leopart

Magical Changing Colors

The Magical Library

Matt and the Mess

Maxine Takes a Trip

Millie the Magical Dog

Millie the Magical Dog and Mr. Wilson’s Farm

The Missing Cakes

My Name is Sara

Nate and the Water Buffalo

The Naughty Monkey

The Naughty Penguin

Noi and the White Elephant

Oink Oink

Otto the Owl

Peter the Polar Bear

The Prince and the Mermaid

Princess Bellina and the Dragon of the Castle

Rocky and the Roller Coaster

Ronnie the Rooster

Sam and Buddy: An Autistic Boy and His Dog

Sara and the Sweet Swan

The Scary Storm

Sea MonstersMünster_Thier_2

Shaggy Bear and the Picnic

Sharing is Caring

The Story of the Blue Mermaid

The Story of the Blue Unicorn

The Story of Olivia the Orange-haired Mermaid and the Giant Octopus

Wendel the Weasel and the Magical Stone

Where is My Honey!

The Wild Swans

Wobbly Bobbie

The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids

Zee Zee the Zebra Teaches Colors, Number, and Shapes

Zee Zee the Zebra Teaches Vowels





Copyright © 2012 Edward Alan Kurtz. All Rights Reserved.


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