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CHRISTMAS! is a series of eight eBooks about animals and how they celebrate the holiday season.  Set in a different continent around the world, each eBook is full of interesting facts about places and animals as well as a fun and positive message for children.

Christmas in Antarctica (Antarctica)

Christmas in the Bamboo Forest (Asia)

Christmas in the Desert (North America)

Christmas in the Jungle (South America)

Christmas in the Outback (Australia)

Christmas in the Pine Forest (Europe)

Christmas in the Savanna (Africa)

Christmas under the Sea (Ocean)



DANIELLE THE DEER INDanielle_425x369

WINDSOR FOREST  is a series

of ten eBooks about a young

female deer who overcomes her

shyness as she grows up and

learns from her experiences:

Danielle the Deer Goes to School

Danielle and Sam the Squirrel

Danielle Makes the Cheerleading Squad

Danielle Helps Sam Win the Big Game

Danielle Nearly Misses Out on Christmas

Danielle and the Scary Winter Storm

Danielle and the Leprechaun

Danielle and the Easter Bunny

Danielle Goes on a Camping Trip

Danielle Goes to London



HOW! is a series of 26 fables 01Anteater

about animals.  Created for

young readers, each eBook

contains fun facts for learning,

enlivened with elements of

fantasy and whimsy:

How the Anteater Got Its Long Tongue

How the Butterfly Got Its Wings

How the Camel Got Its Hump

How the Donkey Got Its Kick

How the Elephant Got Its Trunk

How the Flamingo Got Its Pink Feathers

How the Giraffe Got Its Long Neck

How the Hippopotamus Got Its Short Legs

How the Iguana Got Its Third Eye

How the Jaguar Got Its Spots

How the Kangaroo Got Its Pouch

How the Lion Got Its Mane

How the Moose Got Its Antlers

How the Nightingale Got Its Song

How the Octopus Got Its Eight Arms

How the Panda Got Its Black Eyes

How the Quetzal Got Its Red Belly

How the Rhinoceros Got Its Horn

How the Shark Got Its Gills

How the Turtle Got Its Shell

How the Umbrella Bird Got Its Long Wattle

How the Vulture Got Its Stinky Feet

How the Walrus Got Its Tusks

How the X-ray Tetra Got Its Thin Skin

How the Yak Got Its Long Hair

How the Zebra Got Its Stripes




STORIES is a series of

25 eBooks created for young

readers, to foster curiosity and

learning through make-believe

stories from around the world:

Australia: Andy and the Baby Kangaroo

Bhutan: Bikash and the Golden Eagle

Cambodia: Chenda and the Coconut Juice

Dominican Republic: Daniela and the Sea

Egypt: Edfu and the Sandstorm

Finland: Femi and the Cloudberry Pie

Guatemala: Gustavo and the Hidden Temple

Hungary: Hont and the Baby Dragon

India: Ilina and Her Special Tea

Jordan: Juju and the Three Billy Goats

Korea: Kwan and the Silkworm

Laos: Lani and the Sun Bear

Morocco: Malika and the Missing Eggs

Nepal: Nichal and the Tiger Trap

Oman: Omar and the Oasis

Peru: Pilar and the Laughing Llama

Qatar: Qadir and the Dancing Oryx

Russia: Rurik and the Grey Wolf

Sri Lanka: Shoba and the Mountain Train

Thailand: Tuk and the King Cobra

UAE: Umar and the Stuffed Dates

Vietnam: Van and the Sea Turtle

Yemen: Yasmin and the Secret Valley

Zimbabwe: Zuka and the Lion

Antarctica: Penny and Peter at the South Pole




Copyright © 2012 Edward Alan Kurtz. All Rights Reserved.


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